Why Incoterm EXW Increases Risk for Buyers

The Incoterm EXW presents increased risk to Buyers. Exportspark's virtual Incoterms® course can help reduce it.

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ASCM BC Training

Exportspark Partners with ASCM Western Canada to Deliver Incoterms® Training

Exportspark now delivers virtual Incoterms® training to ASCM Western Canada supply chain professionals.

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How Incoterms® Training Helps the Entire Supply Chain Team

Recent surveys have shown that even experienced supply chain professionals don't always use Incoterms® correctly.

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Why Should Your Business Export?

Earning revenue from new markets reduces risk and helps strengthen product branding & efficiencies.

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Why Should Exporters Use Incoterms®?

Exporters that do not use Incoterms® in shipping contracts increase their risk and potentially costs due to shipping issues and unexpected delays.

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Target Market Research

Exportspark launches new Incoterms® Basics Courses

Incoterms® courses for any staff member that touches the importing or exporting process within an organization.

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Considering Starting an Import / Export Business?

Anyone considering setting up an Import / Export business needs to do extensive research on markets, products, import requirements and local marketing & sales.

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Stuck in the Suez: How Would Incoterms® Play a Role?

How would having different Incoterms® play a role in the cost and risk associated to products stuck in the Suez Canal?

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