In last week’s webinar with Export Navigator, Exportspark presented a method for reducing the amount of market research needed to identify the best fit export market for a company’s products. If used effectively, it could potentially reduce the total amount of hours required for research by quite a bit.

But there’s still a catch… you still need to do all the homework, find the data and dig deeply into why that market is a good fit!

Building an Export Plan with customer personas, a solid understanding of how to market to these prospects in an international market, setting up shipping and/or online deliver is the minimum required for success, and it’s no small amount of work. But with a market that is a good fit to a product, easy to enter, appreciates premium Canadian products and has manageable shipping costs, it’s a much lower risk and ripe for driving new revenues.

Exportspark can quickly assess and determine your best fit export markets and help build out an Export Plan. Book a session today to discuss!