Canadian businesses that manufacture or produce products for sale within Canada may think about exporting but are not actively engaged in international sales. In fact, according to Statistics Canada, less than 3% of Canadian businesses are exporting outside of the country.

Yet Canada has trade agreements in place with 51 countries… so how do we get more companies interested in exporting?

The starting point is to understand the great benefits from exporting. Namely, growing revenues, becoming more competitive and increasing innovation & product quality. In fact, a study by EDC a few years back showed that companies that export tend to be up to 30% more productive, earn 121% more revenues and are 25% more innovative.

Companies that make more money and are more capable at selling and improving products are going to be better positioned to win and experience growth over time.

Yes, there is higher risk involved with exporting. But if Canadian companies do their homework, prepare their organizations and create solid plans and strategy around international sales, the above benefits will prove it was worth it.

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