Greg Henderson

Greg Henderson

International Trade & Exporting Specialist

Greg Henderson is the Founder and Co-Owner of Exportspark, a Certified International Trade Professional (CITP) and a Registered Incoterms® 2020 Trainer. For over 25 years, Greg has been working with businesses and associations to provide international trade training & advisory services to help develop exporting capabilities and drive revenue growth from international markets.

Greg has delivered training & advisory services to hundreds of organizations from all over the world, including associations, economic development agencies, SMEs, global enterprises and multi-national organizations in over a dozen sectors, including technology, F&B, medical devices, forestry, mining, maritime and services. From individual training courses or projects one-on-one with SMEs to complete multi-module, multi-tiered export readiness training programs, Greg has developed a very deep understanding on how companies should research and expand into new markets.

Greg has a Certified International Trade Professional designation from the Forum for International Trade Training (FITT) and is a registered trainer with the International Chamber of Commerce. Greg also has degrees in Psychology and German from Carleton University and has worked and studied in 5 countries around the world.


Step 1

Exportspark has worked with over 200 businesses from 12+ sectors on entering new international markets.

Step 2

Exportspark has trained more than 250 supply chain professionals on international trade terms & shipping contracts.

Step 3

Exportspark has spoken publicly at dozens of events in many countries on exporting, supply chain, Incoterms® & other trade topics.

Step 4

Exportspark has developed or contributed content to over 10 comprehensive government funded export training programs.

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