Exportspark provides advisory services directly to businesses, working with executives and owners to review products and sectors, determine best-fit export markets, develop strategic plans for market entry and develop sales and marketing strategies for driving revenue from the markets.

Exportspark can work for as many hours per month as required, allowing for the business to easily obtain the skills of an international business development specialist without the need for creating a full-time position right away.



Fractional International Sales

Fractional International Business Development Services To Help Build Out International Distribution Networks

Target Market Research

Market Research Services

Advisory Services for Businesses That Help Identify Best Fit Markets & Distributors


Strategy & Export Plans

Advisory Services for Businesses That Help Develop Strategy & Plans for International Expansion


Canadian Market Entry

Advisory Services for Internationally-Based Businesses Entering the Canadian Market

Funding Applications

Advisory Services for Businesses That Assist in Submitting Export Funding Applications

Partner Program Audit

Advisory Services for Businesses That Review Why Partner Networks are Underperforming