Exportspark is a consulting company that provides advice & delivers services that answer critical exporting questions & help build plans for market entry & sales growth from international.

Our Services

Export Spark

A Short Consulting Session that Answers Tough Exporting Questions

Export Spark is a brief half day consulting engagement with company executives that identifies their top exporting challenge and produces a report with detailed answers & recommended actions.

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Export Plans

Dedicated Export Plan & International Sales & Marketing Plan Development

A custom, one-on-one consulting project that involves working with company executives to design & develop a comprehensive Export Plan, including research, sales strategy, a fully costed Marketing Plan & initial action items.

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Export Growth

Part-Time International Sales, Marketing or Business Development Services.

Exportspark can provide part-time senior executive level services that help fulfill actions or tasks outlined in an Export Plan, including partner recruitment & on-boarding, training program development & other international marketing projects.

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