Incoterms®, or INternational COmmercial TERMS are globally accepted trade terms used in contracts that clarify obligations, cost sharing and the transfer of risk between a Seller and a Buyer when shipping products internationally.

Any company personnel that touch any part of the exporting or importing process should understand these terms well, to help reduce risk, lower costs and prevent issues related to international shipping.

Exportspark offers three different courses, from basic 2 hour overviews that provide a high level review to 4 and 6 hour courses for supply chain professionals that offer in-depth training and certification.

All courses are delivered virtually, with the comprehensive courses delivered in multiple sessions over a few days, scheduled to fit the needs of the business or association.

Related Courses


Incoterms® Basics

The Incoterms Basics course is a 2-hour high level overview of the terms and how they are used, customized to the roles of the participants and their sector or industry.


Selecting Incoterms® for Shipping Contracts

The Selecting Incoterms for Shipping Contracts is a customized 4-hour in-depth instructor-led course built for supply chain professionals.


Incoterms® 2020 Certification

The Incoterms® 2020 Certification Course is an instructor-led interactive course with 6 hours of training that prepares supply chain professionals for writing an exam and obtaining certification from the ICC.