Exportspark has designed an Incoterms® 2020 course that educates and prepares supply chain professionals for negotiating the terms into contracts.

The Selecting Incoterms® for Shipping Contracts is an instructor-led interactive course with 4 hours of virtual training delivered in two 2-hour segments across two days within a single week.

The course includes many scenarios and case studies customized specifically to the sectors and products of the participating companies.

The course should be attended by supply chain professionals that have not taken a comprehensive Incoterms® training course on the current set of terms.

The course is also available to associations & economic development agencies for delivery to their communities, capable of being co-branded and configured to their sector or industry.

Case Studies

Incoterms® Corporate Training

Exportspark delivered a customized virtual Incoterms® training course to the entire procurement team for a corporation based in Alberta, working in the oil & gas sector and shipping complicated products across borders.