One of the top exporting questions is “in which international market will my product sell the most?”. Companies need a way to quickly identify the best prospect markets and validate them.

Exportspark has developed a course that presents market research best practices and initial steps required to assess prospect markets. The core learning is an overview of how to assess and rank markets and quickly determine the top 3 to 5 candidates based on suitability to the company’s product, sector and geography.

This course should be attended by members of the executive team that focus on strategy, sales and marketing.

The course is also available for co-branded presentation to association & economic development agency communities, as well as being delivered as a consulting services project.

Case Studies

Export Navigator

Exportspark partnered with Export Navigator, BC's government funded exporting support program, to deliver a customized course on researching export markets and determining how to rank the top markets for initial market entry.