Exportspark is proud to launch a new set of Incoterms® courses for Small Business Owners, Finance Professionals or Sales Executives that quickly review Incoterms® and how they can affect each of these roles. The Incoterms® Basics courses are 2 hours in length, instructor-led and delivered virtually at times convenient to the business and can include any number of staff in the session.

The Incoterms® for Small Business Owners course quickly reviews the Terms and applicable Articles most commonly used by exporters working with couriers and freight forwarders that consolidate shipments in containers and presents common logistics risks when selling online.

The Incoterms® for Finance Professionals course quickly reviews the Terms and applicable Articles, followed by an analysis of how certain Incoterms can affect revenue recognition, present higher risk, or incur unexpected shipping or logistics costs that affect profitability.

The Incoterms® for Sales Executives course quickly reviews the Terms and applicable Articles, followed by a review of best practices around negotiating Incoterms as part of any international contract and how to write them into legal agreements.

Exportspark continues to offer more advanced, in-depth courses as well, focused on logistics professionals looking for comprehensive training on this complex subject. For more information or to review what other exporting courses are available, visit our Training Courses page today!