The International Chamber of Commerce (ICC) INternational COmmercial TERMS are globally accepted trade terms used in contracts to clearly communicate the obligations, costs, and risks between a Seller and a Buyer around transportation & delivery of goods internationally. Exportspark is proud to offer a number of different courses on this complex subject.

Our new Incoterms® Basics courses are 2 hours in length, offering a quick overview of the Terms and how they are most commonly used by small businesses, finance professionals and sales executives.

Our Selecting Incoterms® for International Contracts & Shipping is an advanced, in-depth course for staff in operations & logistics that offers a tactical approach to selecting Terms & assessing risk.

Exportspark also delivers an Incoterms® 2020 Certification Course that is 6 hours in length and includes the official eBook and access to an exam to obtain a Certificate of Completion.

All courses are delivered virtually, with the comprehensive courses delivered in multiple sessions over a few days, scheduled to fit the needs of the business or association.

Incoterms® for Small Businesses

The Incoterms® for Small Businesses course quickly reviews Terms and applicable Articles most commonly used by exporters working with couriers and freight forwarders that consolidate shipments in containers and presents common logistics risks when selling online.

The goal of this courses is to provide an overview of Incoterms® as it relates to how attendees run their companies.


Incoterms® for Sales Executives

The Incoterms® for Sales Executives course quickly reviews all 11 Terms and applicable Articles, followed by a review of best practices around negotiating Incoterms as part of any international contract and how to write them into legal agreements.

The goal of these courses is to provide an overview of Incoterms® and an understanding of how their correct use can save money and prevent expensive shipping errors while negotiating contracts.


Selecting Incoterms® for International Contracts & Shipping

The “Selecting Incoterms® for International Contracts” course is a 4-hour customized instructor-led course that reviews the Incoterms and applicable articles together with common shipping formats and scenarios, case studies and exercises.

The course reviews all Incoterms® and applicable Articles, but focuses primarily on common shipping scenarios and practices, including:

  • Writing Incoterms® into International Contracts
  • Typical Shipping Scenarios & Best-Fit Incoterms®
  • Where Specific Incoterms® can Present Higher Risk
  • Exercises & Case Studies Specific to Participant Industries & Territories

The course provides a solid understanding of Incoterms® to participants in any role but does NOT include the ICC eBook or any other certification.

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Incoterms® for Finance Professionals

The Incoterms® for Finance Professionals course quickly reviews all 11 Terms and applicable Articles, followed by an analysis of how certain Incoterms can affect revenue recognition, present higher risk, or incur unexpected shipping or logistics costs that affect profitability.

The goal of these courses is to provide an overview of Incoterms® as it relates to how the Finance department uses them or interprets them.


Incoterms® 2020 Certification Course

The certified Incoterms® 2020 course is a 6-hour course developed by FITT together with ICC Canada that delivers content and information derived directly from the official ICC eBook that is required to take an exam and obtain a Certificate of Completion from ICC Canada.

The course includes:

  • A chapter by chapter review of the terms & rules as defined in the eBook
  • Detailed diagrams that outline risk transfer, carriage, insurance & delivery
  • Incoterms scenarios developed by FITT
  • Official ICC Canada / FITT handouts

This course offers supply chain & logistics professionals with a solid understanding of the Incoterms rules and a certificate of completion to add to their credentials.

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Selecting Incoterms® for International Contracts & Shipping

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Incoterms® 2020 Certification Course

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