With recent trade agreements and higher awareness of the benefits of exporting outside of North America, many Canadian businesses are looking into new markets. But with only one international exporting specialist per 50 to 75 companies in Canada, having a full time role focused on getting exports rolling is harder than many expect.

Not Much Need for Full Time Role

When a company gets started with exporting, they often begin with one or two new markets, doing research, finding the best fit, pricing and best partner. This takes up maybe 10 to 15 hours per month, tops. Yet full time international business development resources aren’t cheap… six figure salaries and start-up costs can be daunting.

I’ll Just Put My Top Sales Person on it…

The challenge with moving a good sales person to international as a “reward”, or having the owner or CEO do the job is what gets left behind in the original positions. Many companies see a drastic drop in domestic sales when there is a lack of focus, or the business seems to stall or slow down when the owner is not around.

Outsourcing your International Business Development?

So a company needs a senior executive with decades of experience, capable of quickly absorbing a product and value add and targeting key markets for expansion. But not full time, and not with the costs of on-boarding an employee and spending 4 to 6 months getting started. Developing exports can often take years. Adding to this time doesn’t help.

Consider outsourcing your exporting research and market entry activities. Part-time. On demand. When needed.

Consulting Fees are Part of the Marketing Budget

Engaging a consultant that can step in and immediately add value helps your organization achieve results in a short period of time. International experts can assess the company’s product or service and perform research on target markets and find new partners. They can train and on-board distributors, identify key trade shows or marketing projects, and get things up and running fast.

Channelspark has helped hundreds of companies review their export readiness, perform market research and build out Export Plans. In fact, Channelspark becomes your international business development team where required. Find out more about the value of outsourcing your international activities as an option for expanding revenues.