There are many programs, services, organizations and experts out there that can help a company build an export plan, provide a degree in exporting or even set up international distribution networks. But for many small companies, “where do I start?” is the most important question to answer.

Let ExportSpark show you the way

Workshop Modules

Introductory Export Training

The ExportSpark Workshop a content-rich 1 or 2 hour workshop during which participants learn about exporting best practices, review their readiness and learn the core elements required in an Export Plan.

ExportSpark can be delivered onsite, remotely via webinar or as a workshop delivered together with a local Board of Trade. Upon the completion of the course, companies will be aware of the primary steps involved with exporting.

Companies that are interested in determining which market they should start with should consider an ExportSpark Assessment. Or, companies can engage Channelspark to begin building their Export Plans directly.

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