There are many programs, services, organizations and experts out there that can help a company build an export plan, provide a degree in exporting or even set up international distribution networks. But for many small companies, “where do I start?” is the most important question to answer.

Let ExportSpark show you the way

Workshop Modules

The Exporting Starting Line

The ExportSpark program is a content-rich 2 hour workshop during which participants learn about exporting best practices, assess their readiness and learn which market fits best. An hour of post-training mentoring helps determine critical next steps.

ExportSpark can be delivered onsite or through webinars, with the mentoring session done remotely. At the end of the course, participants receive a short executive summary style report with steps and recommendations for next steps, including ExportSpark+, a package of services that help build out an Export Plan.

Companies that have already created an Export Plan, or are currently exporting into at least 2 markets outside of North America are advised to contact Channelspark directly for specific consulting services or projects, as the ExportSpark introductory course may not be applicable.

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