ExportSpark+ is a combination of market research, competitive analysis & market entry strategy services for a set fee that provides a completed Export Plan customized to a company’s product or service and target market.

The ExportSpark workshop will often identify the need for developing an Export Plan and conducting in-depth market research on specific territories, competition & potential partners. Or many companies will already have a target market in mind.

ExportSpark+ provides critical information needed to move forward with market entry.

Export Plan Development

Design and delivery of a custom Export Plan specific to a company's product or service, including in-depth strategy, markets & marketing action items for initial market entry

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Market Research

Research specific to a company's best fit market, including demographics, sector trends, competition and potential partners or prospects

Marketing Readiness

Review of current websites, sales tools & other content, with subsequent recommendations for internationalisation based on best practices, built into the Export Plan

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