We are living in a time where travel or doing business outside of our home country has literally stopped. Yet the world is dependent on this business economically, socially and figuratively on a number of fronts. Now the call is for remote working or selling. Will this work internationally with your clients?

It depends. The markets where you sell the most are where you start. Are they high adopters of online technology or purchasing products online? Have you sold products remotely before? Are there online selling platforms taking up the slack for your sector? This will tell you if you need to put infrastructure in place asap.

If not, you need to figure out where to pitch your product or service, and if those markets can make the adjustment to virtual. Markets that are the highest in technology adoption, markets that already purchase online, markets with more remote or home office workers than others per capita. Start there. Because trying to continue to sell into a market where no one is listening or buying may hit your bottom line faster than you think.

Channelspark has helped a number of firms from food products to online software to research and list the best markets to target to begin exporting. It’s the same calculation. Just different parameters.

Contact Channelspark to get an ExportSpark Assessment going, and to determine if your current marketing, messaging and product or service fits these types of markets. A small investment could help make a big step in a new direction.