Initial Consulting Session

Exportspark offers an initial consulting session, typically lasting one hour, that reviews the company’s current exporting status, challenges or requirements or potential exporting needs. The goal of the session is to answer specific questions or solve a particular exporting challenge, or to review potential exporting projects, such as an export market ranking exercise, partner review or building an export plan.

Before the session, Exportspark will review the company’s website and products to help fine tune the discussion and any recommendations. During the call, Exportspark will also ask questions & run through a short checklist to determine exporting readiness.

Any potential projects recommended will result in a clearly defined proposal forwarded to the company after the session. The cost of the initial session is applied as a credit to any future work proposed by Exportspark. 

The goal of the session is to solve a specific exporting challenge, requirement, research need or provide recommendations on exporting best practices.



$125.00 CAD

Enter details for each course attendee. Attendee details can be modified up to 48 hours before the course starts.